I'm Sam.


My slightly over-active imagination has always been something of a blessing and a curse. A blessing in how it brought me into the design world and a curse primarily to my parents who would never see me in a lab coat driving a Lamborghini. When not creating at the office I'm usually doodling on my iPad or rearranging my furniture for the 3rd time this month.   


My internship at OneMethod threw me into the deep end of a well-oiled machine of a successful agency. I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with my creative director to produce a small (hypothetical) campaign for a local beer company that showcased its obscure personality through AI technology. Once I moved onto Creative Guild I found myself on the design and production end of a marketing agency. I had to learn the ins and outs of several brands very quickly as I worked on various campaigns simultaneously. I currently work for Canada Post in UX design and email marketing.


Being exposed to 2 fast-paced agency environments I'm used to working under pressure with short turnaround times, and yet, never losing my attention to detail and producing quality work. Beginning my career during the COVID pandemic has taught me to be adaptive to different working environments, unusual client briefs, and just about any situation out of the ordinary as the world around us changes.


Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Figma, Mailchimp, Wordpress


E-mail: s.berlot@outlook.com

Phone: (289) 253 4914