How can a low profile beer brand demonstrate its different-ness in a crowded market of traditional beer advertising?


Beer brands don’t typically interact with consumers of their competition.


But what if they did?


Boneshaker AR interaction that gives beer drinkers “beer-tellings” based on negative reviews of their beer of choice.

Boneshaker Beer will bring their iconic bike-riding skeleton logo to life as a "beer-teller".

Through Facebook AR, users will be able to interact with the Boneshaker Skeleton using any can of beer.

beer-teller booth.png
facebook ad 1 copy.jpg

Boneshaker ads will be posted through targeted Facebook feeds encouraging users to launch the virtual experience.

can phone.png

1. The Facebook camera will open, allowing the user to take a picture of their beer.

2. After recognizing the beer can in the photo the AR experience will begin.


The Boneshaker skeleton will appear on-screen either from behind the can or off of the can, suggesting the user follow him.

can phone2-behind.png
can phone2-boneshaker.png
walking to booth.png

3. Hopping off his bike, the Boneshaker skeleton will walk into the "Beer-Teller" booth.

in booth.png

"This stuff is really intense. It tastes like it was brewed with dead animals. And the smell is disturbing."

4. The Boneshaker skeleton will deliver a unique "beer-reading" to the user.

This "reading" will be based on negative reviews left by consumers of the selected beer.


5. After the interaction is complete, the user will receive a digital Boneshaker Beer voucher.