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New York Times


​Among other reputable news outlets, The New York Times faces an alarming growth in consumers' lack of news literacy. More than ever before, this needs to be enforced as a critical skill for understanding the world's issues.


While having the news at their fingertips allows people to be even more informed than in any other decade or century before, with that ease comes the reality of opinion.


As a creative team, we wanted to engage with consumers through the use of a disruptive medium, to ensure the message would be seen by all.

These massive "print" ads demonstrate an actual news article; with an interactive twist.

A translucent material applied to portions of the ad allows shoe scuffs and dirt to collect, eventually redacting portions of the ad. Without these keywords and phrases, the initial premise of the article changes entirely. 

This concept mimics how bypassing specific details in a news article can lead to an uneducated opinion. 

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